Fitness Pro Ad for USA Sport Catalog 2012


Fitness Pro™ Lab was established in 2006 as a top of the line protein and supplements brand, which is dedicated to provide top of the line sports nutrition products for the hard core athlete as well as athletes of all sports.
In 2011 I completely changed the graphic image by creating new logo, labels, roll up banners, trade show booth graphics, business cards, slogan: “Start Thinking Pro”, flyers, and catalog.
I used carbon fiber as a concept for lightness, hard resistance, and muscular fiber.
In this ad the football player looks focused on his game or his training, and this is exactly what I was looking for to support the slogan I created. The word “THINKING” is right on his forehead to reinforce the message. The concept is a direct order to become a professional or at least think like one by using the products professional uses. The word “PRO” at the end of the slogan supports the logo. The Super Whey is a lean protein used by bodybuilders and athletes.







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