ePower360 ProLite Twist Packaging 2016


ePower360 designs and develops a variety of high quality multi-functional rechargeable power generators, multi-purpose power sources, vehicle battery power boost assist systems (Jump starters), pure and modified sine wave power inverters, and high power LED spotlights/work lights.
The ProLite Twist is a multi-functional LED light suitable for mechanic work, camping and outdoor tasks.

This box is the first of a revolutionary change on this company’s packages. The previous font was changed to Aldrich, which is a lot more easy to read and still keeps the modern look. ePower360 had dark backgrounds and busy layouts in their packages before. Now I am proposing a cleaner modern look by using white backgrounds combined with grey and the color of the product that will be inside.
The printing process suggested is matte varnish and spot UV on the fixture pictures and logos.
For this project I took the pictures and created a 3D looking rendering to make the product stand up more in the front side of the box.

3d-box-renderingThese packages will be placed in a PDQ that holds 16 of them.
PDQ was designed taking in consideration the previous box layout and visibility of the actual product.
Finally, the client needed a graphic of the PDQ in the pallet and 3D rendering.








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