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Industrial Design

What is FUZION Deskase?

FUZION Deskase is designed to work as both, a briefcase and a portable desk for laptops. Using extra light materials and spring loaded systems you can convert your briefcase into a portable desk in 5 seconds by simply pressing a button.

FUZION Deskase has been designed to be a sleek ergonomic briefcase/laptop table equiped with wheels, mouse pads, cup holders and a fiber compartment for documents and accessories. This new product offers a complete workstation for executives, designers, students and the everyday laptop users.


Transparent plastic (Top covers)
Solid color plastic (Caps & release pedals)
Extra light aluminum (Top structure, telescopic legs, etc…)
Steel (Springs)
Synthetic fiber (File compartment)
Neoprene (Mouse pad)
Dimensions: 17” x 15“ x 3”
Weight: 6 Lbs
26”-27” from the floor to the laptop


There are two different ways to access your laptop in the Deskase:
1- By turning a lever on the side of the Deskase which allows for removal of the laptop without fully opening the table.
2- By pressing the pedals to convert the case into a desk and accessing your laptop once it unfolds into a portable laptop table.


– Transparent top
– Sliding mouse pads
– Cup holders in both sides
– Removable fiber case

FUZION Deskase can be carried by its handle like a normal briefcase or rolled like a suitcase by extending the second handle.

Colors & Finishes:
– Sport Series (Transparent Plastic Covers)
– Executive Series (All Metal Finish)

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